Cat Behavior Modification

Bridging the gap between human and cat communication

 The purpose of Lauren's cat behavior modification sessions are to bridge the gap of communication between your animal's needs and your needs to ensure they are both being met.  

In the initial visit to your home, Lauren will begin to understand the personality of your cat and how they interact in their home environment. She will also assess the areas where your cat spends most of it's time and their behavior and will develop a clear action plan and timeline.

The consultation is Free and the session package will be customized based on the needs of you and your cat.

Common Household  Cat Issues:

  • Biting/ Scratching toward other animals or toward people

  • Refusal to go in carrier

  • Spraying around the house

  • Aggression toward other animals

  • Improper elimination

  • Issues adjusting to new move, or newborn baby, a new animal coming into the home                            

  • Furniture scratching

  • Excessive vocalization overnight

  • “Fight or Flee” Mode

  • Fear based behaviors

  • Socialization issues


1 Hour Customized Session: $215

3 Session Package: $599

* ($46 savings)